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Man Runs To House After Girl Screams For Help – When He Looked In, He Quickly Took Action

Leland Foster, 27, entered the house of Michelle Forrells and her three children lived. Foster held the mother and her twin babies at knifepoint and then forced them into the bathroom.

Foster wanted to drown the babies (he was the father of the twins), but what he didn’t plan on is that Forrells 12-year old daughter would run next door for help!

man killed by neighbor

Image Credit: Oklahoma County Jail

The next-door neighbor, Cash Freeman, grabbed his gun and ran over to help! Freeman saw that Foster was about to drown the babies and shot him twice in the back. Shortly after that, Freeman was taken into custody and later released.

man killed by neighbor

Image Credit: Facebook

The police will determine later if he will be charged in the death of Foster. Let us think about this – a man enters a house and holds the family at knifepoint. He then threatens the life of two innocent babies.

man killed by neighbor

Image Credit: Facebook

Another man comes in and shoots him before he has a chance to kill the babies. Should the man get into legal trouble? Freeman may not have had much choice in the matter, but he did save the lives of the two babies, so in a sense, he is a hero.

man killed by neighbor

Image Credit: Google

But, was deadly force necessary? How can we judge that? We weren’t there and don’t know what Freeman saw.

The mother and twin babies were taken to the hospital and released – everyone is fine!

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