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Man Secretly Recorded Fearful Wife & Kids the Night Before Killing Them in Murder-Suicide

In January, Michael Haight, 42, reportedly killed his wife Tausha, 40, the couple’s five children ages 4 to 17, and his mother-in-law, Gail Earl, 78, before shooting himself in a devastating murder-suicide in the family’s home in Enoch, Utah. Early details claimed that despite idyllic outward appearances, the Haights’ marriage had failed, and the pair were on the verge of divorce.

Michael Haight reportedly recorded his family in secret the night before he killed them. The video, obtained by ABC 4, begins with Haight laughing and joking with his children but quickly turns ugly when he and Tausha Haight start talking about their plans for divorce. The couple’s marriage was evidently falling apart, with claims of abuse against the father of five, who seemed like a community pillar from the outside. Some now think that was all a lie.

Michael Haight tearfully apologized to his wife.
During the secretly recorded videos, you can hear Michael Haight tell his wife that he has failed her and that he once wanted to be a good husband and father. Tausha Haight is heard telling her husband that he needs help and saying she deserves better than him, also expressing fear for her life when she is with him.

“I cannot continue to tolerate the way you have treated me,” she says.

Family and friends told police during interviews that the mother of five was proud of herself for moving away from an allegedly abusive relationship, according to News 4.

The couple’s children allegedly wanted their father gone.
In the videos, Tausha Haight tells her husband that their children claimed life was less tense when he wasn’t around, and they looked forward to a bit of peace in the house after the divorce was finalized.

“I don’t have a voice, Mike. I don’t have a voice. I will have freedom now,” Tausha Haight says in the video clip.

Police discovered the family during a welfare check in early January.

During a press conference in January, Rob Dotson, Enoch City manager, explained that police visited the Haights’ home after Tausha Haight failed to attend an appointment earlier in the week and Michael Haight did not report to work.

During the welfare check, police discovered the entire family dead from apparent gunshot wounds. It was quickly determined that Michael Haight was the killer and then died by suicide.

At the time of their deaths, the couple was going through a divorce, but Tausha Haight expressed no fear of her husband to her attorney, James Park, the Associated Press reported. According to the new video, however, that may not have been true.

Michael Haight was involved in previous investigations by the Department of Children and Family Services regarding claims of abuse, but there was never substantial evidence to charge him.

The most recent investigation began on December 8, 28 days before the family died, according to News 4. The agency had plans to follow up with Tausha Haight on the most recent claim on January 5. Instead, the family was found dead the day before.

Michael Haight left a disturbing suicide note.

“This is nonsense and I can’t handle it for one more day. We will not be a burden on society. I kept asking for help and you wouldn’t listen,” his note reads, according to Daily Mail.

“I would rather rot in h— than to put up with another day of this manipulation and control over me,” he wrote.

After the family’s death, a bizarre obituary for Michael Haight appeared in a local newspaper.

The obituary ran in The Spectrum but was quickly deleted. A photo of the family replaced Michael Haight with an image of Jesus and portrayed the father as a loving man and upstanding community member, but it didn’t mention anything about the tragic killings.

The words didn’t sit well with the public and quickly grew legs, with many criticizing Michael Haight’s family for their insensitivity.

“Michael annihilated his family. That is literally what happened. He slaughtered his own children,” someone wrote.

“He will never, ever see heaven, and you know what, I bet a lot of you won’t either with the way you’re carrying on about this evil, selfish, narcissistic, psychotic man. Because only someone truly beyond god’s love, beyond the love of Jesus, would MURDER his own children, his wife, and his mother-in-law,” a donor wrote on a GoFundMe page set up for Tausha Haight, her mother, and the Haight children.

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