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Man threatened to leak tapes because the woman refused to go all the way with him, ‘was rushed to the hospital after she chopped off this body part’!

Setting and respecting boundaries are important components of any healthy relationship. Be it casual friendships, romantic relationships, or cliques in the workplace, it is non-negotiable that you understand the boundaries set by other people in these relationships and, very importantly, respect them.


While many set out to respect boundaries, they find themselves doing it all wrong. Per reports, this 28-year-old didn’t respect the 28-year-old woman’s boundaries and reportedly threatened to leak their ‘tapes’ because she refused to go all the way with him.

But, he was left in agony and rushed to the hospital after the attack at a hotel. He is now in intensive care. The 28-year-old woman, who was not identified, reportedly cut off her boyfriend’s p-n!s after he threatened to leak their se* tapes because she refused to sleep with him.

Authorities in Indonesia allege the 28-year-old woman severed his p-nis after he came onto her when she was not in the mood, according to The Post.


Police Chief Taryono said: “Based on the suspect’s statement, they had been in a relationship for around seven months. So, they made an appointment to meet at a hotel, then the man asked to have se*, after which the woman refused. When he was denied se*, the man threatened to spread the videos of their int!mate activities.

Then, when he was ready to take a shower, the suspect carried out the attack. She took a knife belonging to the man and cut off his p-n!s.” Siregar, a receptionist at the hotel, said the woman approached him and asked for medical assistance as her boyfriend was bleeding.

The woman has been arrested but has not been charged. Police said they were waiting to interview the boyfriend, The Post reported.

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