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Man Visits Hotel, Hopes To Meet 5-Year-Old Girl, and Gets Arrested

This is the face of a sexual predator. His name is Louis Ponterio, 54. Looks like just a regular guy – doesn’t he? Well, he is not a regular guy.

Ponterio had arranged to meet a with a 5-year-old girl in a hotel room.

When Ponterio had ‘relations’ with a prostitute in Henrico, Virginia, he asked her if she had any children.

pedophile arrestedImage Credit: Andy Pederson

Realizing this man was a pervert, the prostitute cooperated with police and undercover officers to have the man put behind bars.

Local and federal officers were there to make the arrest in room 116 of an Econo Lodge.

pedophile arrestedImage Credit: Pixabay

On February 6, 2015, Ponterio had arranged to meet with a mother and her daughter to have a sexual relationship with the child.

The following day, Ponterio was arrested at the hotel. He also had some Hershey’s kisses, marijuana, cough syrup, a sex toy, and a teddy bear.

pedophile arrestedImage Credit: Pixabay
When the police searched his home, there was what is being called digital evidence, weapons, and more marijuana.

Ponterio was facing charges of distribution of marijuana, electronic means for procuring minors, object sexual penetration by force, carrying a concealed weapon, forcible intercourse with a victim under 13, and prostitution.

pedophile arrestedImage Credit: Pixabay

In July of this year, Ponterio was finally given his day in court, and his sentence was handed down.

He will be behind bars for the next 16 years. His original sentence was 27 years with 11 suspended.

In any case, rest assured that there is one less sexual predator on the streets.

pedophile arrestedImage Credit: N/A

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