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Man, who indecently assaulted 5-year-old girl and three other children, used this special method of grooming the children, prosecutors said

One of the most important things we can do as parents and caregivers is protect our children by educating them about personal safety. Teaching children simple strategies about keeping safe can help them build confidence, resilience and empower them to be safe in a variety of situations.


It’s not difficult to educate children about personal safety. All it takes is the willingness to start, some help with content, and time. And you should never leave your children with someone you don’t trust with your whole life.

Prosecutors said the 32-year-old man, Alvaro, was sentenced to 40 years in prison without the chance of parole for se-ually assaulting four girls, District Attorney Kim announced.

Kim released the following statement: “Every adult in a child’s life has to stay vigilant because predators like this man lie, mislead and trick whomever they can in order to get close to children.


This man stole the childhood from these girls, and the law rightfully puts him prison without the chance of parole to serve every day of a 40-year sentence.”

Jury convicted the defendant for continuous se-ual assault of a child for ra-ing a 5-year-old many times beginning in 2009. Three other victims testified that the defendant ra-ed them as well. Typically, he began assaulting the girls at age 5, and it went on until they were about 10.

Prosecutors also said that the defendant was a friend and sometimes housemate to a large extended family and took advantage of the trust the adults placed in him. He spent years grooming, assaulting and intimidating the children.

District Attorney Dana reportedly said: “He had special ways to groom the children, like doling out their favorite snacks. And then he had ways to scare them, like using a phony badge.” She noted that when the first victim came forward in 2018, the other victims broke their silence about what had been happening to them.

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