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Man who ravished and impregnated 12-year-old girl spent only 6 months in jail, but ‘when the victim heard the judge’s ruling she screamed in disbelief’!

Per reports, the then-18-year-old defendant, Christopher, reportedly abducted 12-year-old girl, Tiffany, took her to an abandoned house, and r-ped her for 2 days.


Prosecutors said that the child ended up pregnant. Unfortuantely, her r-pist only spent 6 months in jail, but 9 years later, a judge made a new ruling and when the victim heard it, she screamed in horror and disbelief.

“She, her 13-year-old sister, and a friend all slipped out of their house one night to meet a boy and the boy’s older friend, Christopher, showed up and asked if they wanted to go for a ride,” explained the victim’s attorney, Rebeca. “They thought they were going to McDonald’s or somewhere.”

“Instead, he tossed their cellphones away, drove to another city where he stole gas from a station and then drove back, where he kept them captive for 2 days in a vacant house near a relative, finally releasing the older sister in a park,” Rebeca said. “He threatened to kill them if they told anyone what happened.” A month later, Christopher was arrested, and Tiffany was pregnant.


Although the assault potentially carried a penalty of life or a term no less than 25 years, the defendant was given a plea deal by the Prosecutor’s Office. He pleaded guilty to attempted third-degree criminal se-ual conduct and was only sentenced to one year in the county jail. He only served six and a half months, however, before being granted early release to care for his sick mother.

According to Rebeca, Tiffany and her family were told first-time se* offenders weren’t sent to prison because people come out worse after they go there. In Christopher’s case, however, he should have been kept locked up, which he proved shortly after, when he committed another se* assault, this time on a 14-year-old victim.

Sadly, he only served four years for his second offense, and it wouldn’t be the last Tiffany heard of him. After changing her entire life to care for her son, Tiffany’s frightening ordeal involving her abuser came back to haunt her when she applied for state aid.

While receiving government assistance, Tiffany was told that if she did not disclose who was the father of her child, she would lose her benefits. But, things got so much worse when she named Christopher.


Not only was her ra-ist given the rape victim’s address and his name ordered to be added to the child’s birth certificate, Christopher was awarded joint legal custody by Judge Ross after DNA testing established paternity of the child. The judge granted parenting time and joint legal custody of the now-8-year-old boy to a convicted se* offender who r-ped his mother nine years before.

“This is insane,” said Rebeca, who filed objections, seeking protection under the federal R-pe Survivor Child Custody Act. This entire custody case was initiated by the court, not the biological father.

“Chris was notified of the paternity matter and an order of filiation was issued last month by the court saying he had joint legal custody and reasonable visitation privileges,” Barbara, Christopher’s attorney, said, according to CBS News.

Luckily, Supreme Court spokesman Nevin later announced that Judge Ross didn’t know the man had two criminal s-xual conduct convictions, including one concerning the woman. The judge has rescinded the controversial order, but Christopher is still on the hook for child support.

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