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Megan Caught Cheating on Harry with Photographer Gabor Djurina

In a shocking turn of events, rumors of an alleged affair between Megan and fashion photographer Gabor Djurina have taken social media by storm.

The controversy began when fans of the popular reality show, Raw, started discussing the nature of Megan’s relationship with Djurina.

It has been revealed that the actress developed a close bond with the photographer during a humanitarian photo shoot in Rwanda.

According to Tom Bauer’s book, Revenge, Megan and Djurina disappeared together for a fashion shoot after capturing a few photographs for World Vision in January 2016.

The author claims that Megan packed a suitcase full of outfits for her trip to Rwanda and vanished with Djurina.

The former suit star had visited Rwanda to film an advertisement for World Vision Canada, an organization working towards promoting development in the Central Eastern African country.

Megan’s journey to Rwanda was nothing short of luxurious, as she flew first class accompanied by a personal hair and makeup artist, as well as Gabor Djurina himself.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the producer scheduled to join the group, Brenda Szyminski, was unable to make the trip.

She was subsequently replaced by a Canadian cameraman.

Bauer alleges that Megan disappeared with Djurina for a photo shoot involving several children, following their initial filming at a water tap.

He describes how Djurina spent hours photographing the actress, who appeared perfectly groomed, hugging, squeezing, and smiling at the village children.

Szyminski, puzzled by the situation, reportedly had only a brief 30-minute conversation with Megan before the collaboration project was agreed upon.

World Vision, on its website, described Megan’s trip as an opportunity for her to bring hope to communities.

The Duchess of Sussex visited a school in Rwanda shortly after becoming a World Vision ambassador in 2016, helping provide clean water to the community through the generous donations of ordinary people worldwide.

Her experiences in Rwanda inspired her, particularly witnessing the empowerment of women and girls within the community.

Interestingly, Djurina has frequently photographed Megan, with several pictures prominently featured on his website.

These images capture intimate moments between the two, including Megan sitting on Djurina’s lap and him carrying her.

Some photos even depict them in what appears to be engagement-like poses.

Observers have noted that Megan seemed happier with Gabor than with her husband, Harold, leading to speculation about a potential affair.

Adding fuel to the fire, there are rumors that Megan and Harry’s relationship may not have been as exclusive as previously believed.

It is widely speculated, with some evidence, that they met and were seeing each other in 2015.

If their relationship was not open at the time, then Megan’s involvement with Djurina would indeed constitute infidelity.

Critics argue that Megan has a history of using her charm and s** appeal to cozy up to influential men who can further her own interests.

They claim that the private photos of her with the children in Africa were merely a ploy to emulate Princess Diana and captivate Harry’s attention.

They accuse her of being disingenuous in her humanitarian efforts, suggesting that she prioritizes self-promotion over genuine compassion.

Furthermore, Djurina’s previous work with actress Sarah Rafferty has raised eyebrows.

Interestingly, he photographed Rafferty for a paid assignment with Good Housekeeping magazine before featuring Megan on his page.

This has led some to speculate that Rafferty’s fame surpassed Megan’s at the time.

Djurina’s first photographs of Megan were a self-assigned project, indicating that no one other than Megan and himself had expressed interest in collaborating.

It took an entire year before he finally photographed her for a magazine.

Adding to the controversy, an anonymous source on Reddit claims that Megan had a similar relationship with another photographer in Toronto.

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