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Meghan Markle Turns Pale as Lady C Exposes Scheming to Bring Prince Harry Down & Holding Onto Diana’s Cash

Lady Colin Campbell’s book “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story,” released in 2020, has stirred controversy with its allegations of Meghan’s temper tantrums and ruthless ambition, and even portraying Harry as desperate for love. Lady C joined a live stream to address criticisms that her book is based on mere idle gossip.
During the live stream, Lady C delved into the internal conflicts within Harry and Meghan’s troubled marriage.

When asked about rumors of financial difficulties affecting their relationship, Lady C responded affirmatively, stating that Meghan is unwilling to accept opposing views and is determined to secure funds from Diana’s estate. Lady C also alleged that Meghan, her mother Doria, and Marcus Anderson have conspired to bring Harry down and gain access to his wealth.

Lady C recounted a past incident when Meghan shut down Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne’s attempt to warn her about potential problems in her marriage to Harry, claiming that Meghan preferred to avoid negativity at that time. She further highlighted an argument between Harry and Meghan during a New York trip, where Meghan was reportedly upset that she couldn’t share the stage with Harry during his speech at the United Nations.


Expressing her concerns about Meghan’s narcissistic tendencies, Lady C pointed out that Meghan’s perceived lack of gratitude or appreciation can quickly strain a relationship. She opined that Meghan sees herself as faultless and often blames others, including Harry, for any negative experiences.

Reflecting on Meghan’s wedding, Lady C noted the apparent absence of enthusiastic family members, suggesting a strained relationship with both her white and black relatives. She emphasized that Meghan’s self-centeredness and disregard for her family might lead to a challenging upbringing for her children.

Lady C also criticized Meghan’s claim to wanting to change the monarchy, arguing that Meghan’s actions have been more focused on personal gains rather than contributing positively to the institution. She expressed hope that Harry would free himself from the marriage if he becomes fed up and embarrassed by Meghan’s behavior in public.

Lady C implied that Harry’s ex-partner had escaped a loveless marriage and suggested that Harry is now experiencing a similar situation. She concluded by highlighting the potential consequences of Harry’s past actions, comparing them to those faced by King Charles due to his infidelity.


In sum, Lady C’s book and subsequent statements provide a candid look into the alleged dynamics of Meghan and Harry’s relationship, sparking intense discussions and debate among the public.

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