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Meghan Markle’s Mother, Doria, Shows Signs of Nervousness in Netflix Interview: Body Language Expert Analyzes

In a recent Netflix docuseries featuring Harry and Meghan, Doria Ragland, the mother of Meghan Markle, made an appearance.

The interview caught the attention of body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas, also known as the Body Language Guy, who analyzed Doria’s demeanor in a YouTube video.

One of the key aspects he explored was whether Meghan herself was present during the interview.

Additionally, he observed Doria’s nervousness while answering certain questions and how she seemed to relax when discussing memories.

Jesus focused on identifying any signs that Meghan may have been in the room during the interview.

He noted that Doria appeared anxious while responding to some questions.

“I’m sure you noticed Doria was rehearsing her words in some way at the very beginning,” Jesus remarked.

“She looks upwards and begins vocalizing some words.

We can’t possibly know what she was saying at that moment, maybe she was humming or singing a song to pacify herself.

That would mean she was a little bit nervous.”

Jesus also highlighted a particular gesture when Doria glanced to her left and smiled, suggesting that Meghan might have been right beside her.

He added that two other signals were a subtle lip pressure at the start and a slightly concerned look at the end.

During the interview, the interviewer asked Doria to introduce herself.

She responded, “Sure, my name’s Doria and I’m Meghan’s mum, and uh, the last 5 years have been challenging.”

Jesus analyzed this clip and noted the initial signs of nervousness.

He cautioned against drawing conclusions based on just one or two signals, emphasizing the importance of considering multiple indicators.

Jesus observed that Doria initially faced the interviewer with her head, indicating her willingness to be there.

However, after introducing herself, she pulled her head back, displaying a slight resistance.

He also pointed out her rapid blinking when mentioning the challenging past five years.

In another clip, Doria stated, “I’m ready to have my voice heard, that’s for sure, a little bit of my experience, you know, as a mum.”

Jesus highlighted that these clips of Doria were heavily edited, making it challenging to determine the continuity of her gestures and posture.

Nevertheless, he identified several signals of nervousness in this particular moment.

Doria tried to fit herself into the seat, shrugged her shoulders a couple of times, and looked to one side, specifically the left, while mentioning her experience as a mother.

Jesus speculated that Meghan was likely standing beside the camera and lighting.

Another indication of nervousness was Doria’s repetition of the phrase “you know, as a mum.”

While it may seem redundant, Jesus attributed it to her nerves.

Jesus emphasized the importance of analyzing the interview chronologically.

He suggested that at the beginning, Doria would have been more nervous, but as the interview progressed, she appeared to relax and speak more freely.

These signs of nervousness should be taken into account when interpreting the subsequent clips.

Overall, Jesus Enrique Rosas’ analysis sheds light on Doria Ragland’s body language during the Netflix interview.

While it remains unclear whether Meghan Markle was physically present in the room, Doria’s nervousness and subsequent relaxation provide intriguing insights into her state of mind throughout the conversation.

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