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Miley Cyrus’ shocking transformation that divided her fans

The actress and singer said goodbye to her characteristic blonde hair and was surprised by her change of look, with which she looked almost unrecognizable.


The actress and singer Miley Cyrus has generated a stir with her radical change of look and she looks unrecognizable in the latest photos that were known of her.

The 30-year-old singer has proven that she is capable of almost anything throughout her career. Furthermore, no one doubts that Cyrus is very talented.

While she looks for her next big project, Miley has decided to radically change her custom look for the start of fall. Her usual blonde hair is now a thing of the past, as the singer has returned to her roots.


Cyrus has chosen to go back to her original hair color: brown. The singer shared the first photo of herself with her original hair color in many years on social media.

In the image, the singer appears with long, straight, dark brown hair with some reddish touches. The change has generated a great stir on social networks. Some of her followers believe that this change of look is the beginning of a new musical chapter in her career.

Cyrus had been thinking about going back to her natural dark hair for some time. She even said that she wanted to dye her hair for the New Year’s Eve party.

However, Dolly Parton, her godmother, refused to let her change her hair color. “She had never seen Dolly so scared. She acted like she had given her the worst news you could imagine,” Cyrus recalled. Dolly warned him, “You can’t do that. You’re me.” That’s why Miley decided to stay blonde for a while longer, but now she finally made the decision to return to her original hair color.

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