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Mom Can’t Hear Her Son Cry So She Rushed Into The Room Only To See An Empty Crib


Bernice Abeyta’s 7-month-old son, Christopher, taken from her Colorado Springs, CO, home in July 1986.

Bernice and her husband, Gil, searched the house, but he was just gone.The woman they believe to be responsible is Emma Bradshaw from Castle Rock, CO.

Bernice has been looking for her son ever since – for thirty years.She started a Facebook page and a website in the hopes of finding her son.


In 2016, Bernice was diagnosed with cancer.

Despite that, she has not stopped looking for her son. Her dying wish is to see her son again.

She doesn’t want her other kids to have to continue looking for him after she is gone.

Please, if you know anything about Christopher Abeyta get onto Facebook or the Find Christopher page and leave a message.


Help this family get closure and be reunited before it is too late.

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