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Mom caught drowning toddler she’d stabbed after 15-year-old daughter called 911


An Albion, Michigan mother was stopped in time as she tried to drown an already-stabbed toddler in the bathtub on Saturday.

A 15-year-old girl called 911 to report the incident prompting officers to rush to the scene. They reportedly had to break down the door of the locked room to save the 2-year-old victim.

“After giving a few quick breaths, the child coughed up water and began breathing on her own,” Albion authorities said.


The 2-year-old girl had two stab wounds to the chest and throat, officers said. She and a 4-year-old sibling had also ingested cleaning fluid.

Police arrested the 35-year-old mother of the two victims, who has two other children aged 15 and 8, and took her to a hospital after suspecting she may have also ingested cleaning fluid.

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