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Mom claims doctors told her everything was fine with her baby, but now ‘she is desperately hoping for one thing to save her baby’s life’!

The process of bonding with a new baby is natural for most mothers. Left alone, new mothers will hold their baby next to their bodies, rock them gently, strive for eye contact, sing or talk to the baby and begin to nurse.


Often within just hours of birth, mothers report feelings of overwhelming love and attachment for their new baby. When 28-year-old Jade gave birth to her son Louis, she never imagined that she would desperately wait for something to save his life.

Jade claims doctors told her everything was fine with her baby, but now the little baby is fighting for his life. The unfortunate mother said that she has been planning her son’s funeral while she waits out for a heart transplant to keep her 1-year-old son alive.

According to the mother, when Louis was just 8-weeks old, he fell ill after a horrifying battle with enterovirus. During an interview with The Sun, the mother reportedly said: “It feels like I’m going to lose my whole world. I have spent hours by his bed telling him I need him to get better and that he can’t leave me. I’ve had to plan a funeral for my baby, even though he is still alive. His only hope is a heart transplant.”


The mother also said that her son is now stable and there are other options to support him, such as a mechanical heart, but this is only a temporary fix. When the little baby was just 3 weeks old, the mother noticed that his skin had become mottled and he was struggled to breathe.

Just four days later, he suffered seizures and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors told the mother that tests revealed that her son was battling with enterovirus, late-onset Strep B, meningitis and sepsis, all of which had sadly caused severe damage to his heart. Unfortunately, the baby’s condition deteriorated and he suffered numerous cardiac arrests, leaving doctors no choice but to place him on an urgent organ transplant list.

Louis is now waiting for his life-saving operation and recently celebrated his first birthday in the hospital. Jade hopes that by sharing her son’s story, more people will start putting their names down as organ donors, The Mirror reports.

Jade reportedly said: “I want my son’s story to be shared to help raise awareness for organ donations and show how much they are needed. As a mother of two healthy kids, I completely understand why people don’t donate, because they don’t want to think about their own kids passing away.


But as a mother going through this, I also understand why organs are so important. I hope I can raise enough awareness to save more lives.”

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