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Mom Crushed After Stranger At Movie Theater Told Her To Keep Her Autistic Son At Home

When people go to see a movie at a theater, they expect that others will be quiet aside from a little laughter or gasps during certain parts of the film.

Noah is a 5-year-old boy who is autistic.

His mother took him and his siblings to see “Dumbo” one afternoon because they had been wanting to see the movie and because they wanted to spend time together.

Sometimes, Noah’s autism tends to take over his movements and the things that he says around other people and when he’s in various situations.

About 30 minutes into the movie, Noah got excited because of the scenes on the screen. He was laughing and enjoying the film.

However, an audience member didn’t like all of the noise and said something about his behavior.

This resulted in a meltdown that could have been avoided.

Noah’s mother started to feel uneasy when another woman kept turning around to look at them during the movie.

Noah was excited about Dumbo flying and instead of keeping his thoughts to himself, he started jumping around and exclaiming that he was excited that he knew how to fly.

This upset the other woman in the theater, so Noah’s mother tried to explain that he was autistic.

The woman didn’t care and thought that they should either be quiet or leave.

Aside from giving Noah and his mother hateful looks, she also suggested that he stay at home instead of going to a theater or other attractions where he could act out as he did.

If the woman had just talked to Noah, she would have realized that he was just like everyone else except for getting a little too excited at times.

Noah’s mother had planned for some time to prepare him for going to the movies.

When the mother started saying things that were hurtful, Noah’s mother took him to the lobby so that he could calm down, but he started headbutting the floor instead.

The family ended up leaving the theater after others in the lobby started giving them hateful looks as well.

It often takes a lot of preparation for Noah to go anywhere, and this was a treat as his mother had made sure that he understood that he had to be quiet.

However, other people don’t always understand about certain disorders and diseases that can make children a bit different than others.

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