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Mom Dies Right After Giving Birth As Doctor Mercilessly Rips Out Her Placenta


In horrifying news, a 22-year-old first-time mother met a tragic, painful passing at the hands of an extremely incompetent doctor in Nizhneserginskaya, Sverdlovsk, Russia.

Alisa Tepikina and her husband Nikolay Tepikin were beyond ecstatic to welcome their new baby girl into the world.

After she delivered her baby, Alisa only had a few seconds to gaze upon her newborn daughter before an inexperienced doctor forcefully ripped at the placenta, killing her.


The placenta is an organ that is formed temporarily in order to provide nutrition, waste processing, and other basic functions to a growing fetus within an expecting parent’s body.

This organ is attached to the wall of the uterus, meaning pulling it out with force will call severe, massive internal bleeding.

Typically, the placenta will fall out on its own, but Alisa had an inverted uterus that caused the placenta to not fall out straight away.


A competent doctor would have waited until it naturally dislodged on its own, but the one working with her did not know what to do in the situation and yanked on it to force it to come off.

The result was extreme excruciating pain for Alisa, and she passed away shortly after in that same delivery room after catching one mere glimpse of her daughter.

According to Dmitry Malyukov, the 47-year-old father of Alisa, the family was informed that the expected birth of Alisa’s placenta did not happen as it should have, so the midwife on the scene called for an obstetrician – in other words, a doctor.


The 27-year-old doctor, who recently received his qualifications in the field, began to tug ruthlessly on the umbilical cord.

As he did so, Alisa started screaming in unbearable pain, but he ignored her completely.

Family and friends in the area saw just how painfully Alisa was screaming to the point her voice echoed throughout the hospital.


The shock and internal bleeding that resulted from this poor and fatal decision caused Alisa to slip into a coma which she did not recover from.

A helicopter quickly arrived to try and save Alisa’s life, but by that point, she had lost so much blood that she did not have enough strength to make the journey.

Surgeons within the hospital had to do everything they could to try and save Alisa, but there was nothing they could do.

They determined the cause of death to be a severe shock reaction that came from the pain she endured.


The newborn daughter also had to be brought to a different hospital, as the heavily inexperienced medical personnel had caused the baby to have a small injury on her neck.

Nikolay went with his daughter, and when he came back to see his wife, he was told that she was in a very bad condition – but this was a lie.

By this time, she was already dead, her eyes shut by blindfolds, a lung ventilator attached with numerous tubes, and her jaw tied.


Medics yelled at Nikolay not to touch his wife’s hand when he wanted to.

An investigation is currently being launched into the gross negligence and incompetence displayed by medical staff.

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