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Mom Feels Baby’s Head Between Her Legs And Gives Birth On Hospital Hallway

So, just exactly what happens to the body of a pregnant parent during the actual process of childbirth?

Plenty of people talk about the pregnancy itself, and indeed – the 9 months where the parent carries the developing child is the most visible part of the whole thing.

Because of that, it is no surprise that when we talk pregnancy or bearing a child, the first thing we think of is that big, round belly! But what about childbirth itself?

By comparison, childbirth labor is something that is pretty brief – at the most, it is a process that can take a few hours to get the baby out into the world.

Usually, if you are delivering your very first child, it is a pretty long, drawn-out process.

Parents who have had subsequent kids, however, will find that each childbirth labor gets faster than the last one.

So when you realize Jes Hogan was already the mother of five daughters together with Travis Hogan, her husband, you know that the birth of her first son is going to be a fast one.

Normally, the pregnant parent can tell when labor has started by the strong, regular contractions that the body undergoes in order to push out the child.

As this occurs, the cervix – which is the opening the baby gets pushed through – starts opening up. (Medically, this is known as dilating.)

Normally, this is the stage that takes the longest amount of time – especially when you realize that the next stage has the baby being actually pushed out into the world.

In Hogan’s case, however, Stage 1 happened in a flash.

She and her husband had just gotten past the hospital’s first set of double doors when she realized she could already feel her baby’s head come through.

In other words, she was crowning. Forget the wheelchair, the delivery was going to happen right there and then!

She had no other choice – with the help of some nurses who rushed to her rescue, Hogan was lowered onto the floor of the hospital’s hallway.

And just in time too – with only a single push, Max had entered the world to join his five older sisters!

It must have been pretty crazy for Hogan to have her newborn son in her arms within seconds.

It isn’t really a bad thing though, especially when you consider how exhausting labor pains can be!

Might as well get the delivery over and done with and have your child as soon as possible, even if it means Max’s birth story isn’t going to be the most traditional one out there.

At least he will have a fun story to tell when he is older, which is always a good thing!

And the best part about all of this?

The family will have pictures to show everyone because the photographer they had hired for the pregnancy had managed to capture pictures of the whole event!

This is certainly a pregnancy the Hogans will never forget – and likely one that the nurses helping out won’t forget either.

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