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Mom Felt Weird 6 Weeks After Giving Birth So Went Back To Doctor And Took Ultrasound Scan

When Eliza Curby and her boyfriend Ben found out she was pregnant, they had only been together for three months. Despite the fact that it came as a shock and they were terrified, the couple couldn’t be happy because they both wanted to start a family and have children.


They prepared for the big day and were looking forward to meeting their firstborn child. Charlie, her infant girl, was a happy and healthy baby who brought joy to her parents’ lives. Their days were never dull because they were never bored.

Mommy Eliza, on the other hand, began to feel strange just a few weeks after giving birth. She was aware that something was amiss with her body, but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was.She tells about their odd love story:

“Three months after we started dating, we got pregnant with our first child, Charlie!”


We were overjoyed at the prospect of starting our own family because Ben had always wanted to be a father.

Needless to say, he had no voice in the matter — I was victorious!”

Eliza believed her body was in the midst of something odd, thus being a mother meant the world to her.


She was dizzy all of the time and was weary most of the time. She thought she might be pregnant again at one point, but Charlie was only six weeks old, so she told herself that her state was due to all of her responsibilities, including caring for the baby and the house and doing errands.

However, she couldn’t help but think about the possibility of having another child. She even told Ben about her thoughts.

“I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mother, but I was really, very exhausted about a month after Charlie was born.”

Everyone said it was because of my lack of sleep, but I wasn’t convinced — I remember looking at Ben and thinking, ‘I think I’m pregnant.’


He simply laughed.

Charlie had already flipped their lives upside down, so having more children felt like the most insane thing imaginable.

But a mother’s instinct almost never fails, and Eliza’s was prompting her to run out and buy some pregnancy tests so she could figure out what was actually going on. Her suspicions were validated after four tests. She’s having a second child!

And if you think the couple was surprised, wait until you see the look of disbelief on their faces when the doctor told them there were two babies instead of one. They were indeed expecting twins.


She told about what happened at the doctor’s office that day:

“The technician appeared awkward and uneasy before finally saying, ‘Look, it’s early days…. but…. I think there are two.’

It turned out that there was!

I was terrified but also ecstatic — I believe everyone has a latent wish for identical twins.”


The second pregnancy progressed as easily as the first, and the baby boys were born without difficulties at 36 weeks.

Wolfe and Jack Antony Richard Ben, Eliza, and Charlie were overjoyed to see the newest members of their family, George and Harry, who arrived in wonderful health.

It’s not easy having three children, especially when they’re all the same age, but life is good for this loving family. The parents have even launched a blog, “twingenuity,” where they share amusing stories from their daily lives.

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