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Mom left for the weekend, when she returned home ‘she had no idea what she’s walking into’!

Women, let’s be honest, if you’re married, and if you have kids, and if you go out of town for the weekend, what do you expect your house to look like when you get home?


No matter how much men and women struggle to split household tasks evenly, it often seems that women are the ones who end up picking up most of the toys, making sure the laundry is put away and making sure the bed is made. The list goes on.

Honestly, if we left for the weekend and the hubs was home with the kiddos, we’d hope the house looked pretty much the way it did when we left, but we wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if we came back to a few messes. We definitely wouldn’t expect the house to look better than it did when we left.

Ladies, there are men out there who will surprise you. Miles is one epic example. His wife, Kate, went out of town and left her husband, Miles, in charge of the three kids. That right there is enough to handle. Any parent out there knows that solo parenting for three kids is a lot of work. Miles wanted to go above and beyond, and he filmed the entire thing.


Miles got it into his head that he’d surprise Kate by completely transforming their master bedroom while she was gone. We’re not talking hanging some new curtains or putting together a new dresser. We’re talking transforming the entire bedroom.

He started by taking literally everything out of the bedroom including the carpet. Then, that night after the kids were in bed, he stayed up late and painted the walls. The next day, he got to work on the floors and installed new wood flooring which the kids used as a dance floor until dad put the furniture back in the room.

He didn’t just put the furniture back in the room as is either. Oh, no. Remember, this guy is going above and beyond, literally raising the bar for what it looks like to be a great husband. He actually made a DIY headboard, and made sure everything was put away and organized. This guy didn’t leave anything untouched.

When his wife, Kate, returned home, the room was completely finished. Kate has no idea what she’s walking into— and her reaction pretty much says it all. She’s absolutely speechless by the scene in front of her, gasping and looking around the room.

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