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Mom punish toddler to death by strapping him to booster seat for 15 hours: ‘She watched him die’

A Florida mother was charged with capital first-degree murder “while engaged in aggravated child abuse” following the excruciating death of her child on May 19.

Rebecca Louise Gussage-Johnston, 24, was arrested after her 2-year-old son died covered with traumatic wounds and bruises while strapped to a booster seat.

The child’s death was ruled “a homicide due to severe neglect” after the mother admitted to “punishing” him to the point of death for “acting out.”

Gussage-Johnston allegedly left the child in the booster seat for 15 hours and watched as he shook uncontrollably and “take his last breath.”

Prosecutors alleged that Gussage-Johnston did not seek help for the agonizing toddler until he died despite having a functioning phone.

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