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Moment LeBron James bids farewell to his two sons as they go back to school

LeBron James has been spending a ton of time with his two sons Bryce and Bronny this offseason. Much of that has to do with the fact that LeBron’s offseason started a lot earlier than anticipated as the Lakers were not able to make it to the NBA playoffs. During his free time. LeBron helped train his two sons, who are both embarking on important seasons with their high school basketball team, Sierra Canyon.

The two will be teammates this year, with Bronny going into his senior year, and Bryce beginning his sophomore campaign. Both young men are immensely talented, with fans and scouts anticipating big things from them this season.

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Bronny & Bryce & LeBron

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Today, both Bronny and Bryce began their school years at Sierra Canyon. The end of August is always a sad time for students as it means they got to go back to hitting the books. LeBron commemorated this day on Instagram, as he wished his two boys nothing but the best.

“Back to school chronicles!! Bronny senior year and Bryce sophomore year begins! Have a great one Young King’s,” James wrote. “Love y’all beyond words can express! Keep putting on and riding for each other.”

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Hopefully, Bryce and Bronny achieve everything they hope to set out during this important moment in their lives.

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