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Mom’s boyfriend stomped on her son’s head, forced the 11-year-old boy to perform indcent acts with dogs and inflicted injuries so severe that the child was unable to speak in the weeks before he died; convicted

Prosecutors said the victim’s injuries, in the weeks before he died, were so severe that he was unable to speak and weighed just 69 lbs at the time his life was brutally taken from him.

The 35-year-old mother’s boyfriend, Corey, was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend’s son, Logan. Prosecutors also said the young boy was t0rtured, se-ually assaulted, and killed, before his boy was left in an abandoned car.

According to the court documents, obtained by L&C, the victim’s boy was recovered 3 months later. It was wrapped in clothing inside an abandoned sedan. The boy’s mom, Stormy, was staying at a hotel with the victim and his then-15-year-old sister Lexy.

Authorities were investigating a domestic violence incident, involving the mother and her 35-year-old boyfriend. The mother reportedly told investigators that she escaped from Corey after he had choked her using a metal dog leash and beat her multiple times, leaving her with several broken bones.

During an interview with investigators, the mother also said that her boyfriend also stomped on her son’s head inside the hotel room. The victim’s 18-year-old sister, Lexy, provided details of the torture and abuse that she said happened daily, often with her mother also participating in the abuse. According to the sister, the abuse was also se-ual and involved be-tiality on several occasions. She also said that both her mom and her boyfriend were meth users and would force her and her brother to use drugs. The mother and her boyfriend also laughed as they forced Logan to perform se* acts with dogs.

The boy’s mother said that she and her boyfriend met online and within a month, he was living with her and the two children. Lexy also told investigators that Logan was punched and hit with a belt and a stick before he had a seizure, coughed up blood, and died.

Corey then put Logan’s body in a tub of ice before leaving his remains in the abandoned car. The victim’s mother has yet to face trial. Though the prosecution did not pursue the death penalty in the capital case, Corey will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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