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More Than 600 Police Officers From Other States Respond to FL Gov. DeSantis Relocation Offer

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited three blue cities recently to recruit police officers to the sunshine state.


As crime spikes and police morale slips, DeSantis is offering signing bonuses to officers who relocate.

In Elmhurst, Illinois on Monday, DeSantis told the crowd, “We have this recruitment program in place. If you come and you’re qualified from another a state and join any of our agencies – city, county, state sworn law enforcement – you get a $5,000 signing bonus immediately right off the top.”

“The reason why you have crime that has spiraled out of control in so many different areas is because you have politicians putting woke ideology ahead of public safety.”


There are additional perks for those who make the move such as help with adoption costs and purchasing a new home.

CBS Chicago reports:

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department alone recently added eight former Chicago cops. Officer Matthew Molitor went to St. Petersburg.

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