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Mother claims doctor, trying to deliver her baby, pulled on the head and neck so hard that the bones in the baby’s skull face and neck were broken before it was tightly wrapped in a blanket; lawsuit

The young mother, Jessica, reportedly went to the ER after her water broke. The doctors told her that she was diIated and began pushing. Unfortunately, the baby stopped descending because of shoulder dystocia, meaning the baby’s shoulders could not fit through.


Her doctor, Dr. Tracy, reportedly attempted to deliver the baby using different methods, including applying traction to the baby’s head, the lawsuit claimed.

The 20-year-old mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital and her obstetrician after her newborn was allegedly dec-pitated during childbirth.

The lawsuit also claims the hospital covering up the cause of the child’s death during childbirth. According to the lawsuit, in the process of trying to deliver this baby pulled on the head and neck so hard, and manipulated them so hard, that the bones in the baby’s skull face and neck were broken. The baby’s body and legs were delivered at 12:11 a.m. and the baby’s head was delivered vaginally.


The lawsuit which cites the hospital and doctor over its alleged negligence for the decapitation also asserts the officials failing to tell the mother and her family about the decapitation and going so far as to lie about what led to the child’s death during childbirth.

It also alleges that the hospital discouraged the mother and the baby’s father, Trevon, from seeking an autopsy, instead telling them to have their son cremated in lieu of taking him to a funeral home.

A report of the alleged decapitation was never made to authorities or medical examiner, Cory, an attorney for the mother, said during a news conference to announce the lawsuit.

The death was flagged by a funeral home, he said. When the baby’s parents demanded to see and hold their child, they claim the baby was tightly wrapped in a blanket with his head propped on top of his body to make it appear like it was still attached and in an attempt by the hospital to conceal what had actually occurred the suit alleges.


The suit alleges gross negligence, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It seeks unspecified punitive damages. The complaint is seeking unspecified damages for the full value of the baby’s life, including loss of earnings and loss of enjoyment of life.

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