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Mother heard her son crying because of high fever, discovered red bumps all over him and immediately realized the doctor’s fatal mistake

Almost all of us have had chicken pox at some point, and some of us still remember how awful it was. But we’re glad we already had it and that we can’t have it again as adults – because it really could have been worse.


Unfortunately many doctors don’t take chicken pox seriously.

Chicken pox is not considered a dangerous disease, but for one mother, her son’s illness almost became a nightmare.

Hayley Lyons took her son, Lewis, to the doctor when his fever got very high.


The doctor recommended that she give him Ibuprofen, which is both a pain reliever and fever reducer. She trusted the doctor and did what he told her – and that was exactly her mistake.

The pills the doctor gave have a terrible effect on people suffering from chicken pox, and now the mother is desperate to warn others of the dangers.

She wrote a Facebook post some time ago but the warning is still relevant today!


Chicken pox is coming back again. I want to remind people not to give their children Nurofen/Ibuprofen.

Different doctors from our local clinic gave them to Lewis because we couldn’t get his fever down. This medicine is anti-inflammatory, it works on chicken pox and causes it to go deeper into the skin.

It wasn’t until we took Louis to the hospital because our doctors told us ‘it’s just chicken pox’ is when we found out.


Only because we insisted and took Louis to the hospital he is now fine.

It could have ended much worse if not for the doctors at the hospital, with their knowledge and experience.

Use only CALPOL (a drug that does not contain paracetamol) to reduce their fever. It is actually listed on the Nurofen website not to take the drug with chicken pox (we found this out after it happened). But when the doctors told


Remember not every doctor knows everything, and it never hurts to get a second opinion if you’re unsure about something. Better to be safe than to be sorry later!

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