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Mother Imprisoned for Shocking Baby Waterboarding and Freezer “Test”

A mother from Gresham, Oregon, USA, has been sentenced to prison after waterboarding her baby and subjecting him to a chilling ordeal inside a freezer, all in a misguided attempt to test the boy’s father’s commitment to their child’s well-being.


The horrifying events unfolded when local police received a distress call about a baby being placed in a freezer at an apartment in Gresham. Officers responding to the scene were met with a chaotic and distressing scene.

Outside the apartment, police officers heard Sharday McDonald, a 30-year-old woman, screaming at the baby’s father, making shocking statements. She yelled, “I’m about to show you real quick. You don’t want him? Let me show you about this little fing baby, I don’t fing give a f*** about.”

Later, the baby’s father showed the police a video call he had with McDonald, during which she held their son and appeared to be waterboarding him. The video depicted the baby struggling as water ran down his nose and face, causing significant concern among the officers.


McDonald was promptly arrested, and during questioning, she admitted that she performed these disturbing acts out of spite, in an attempt to see if the baby’s father truly cared. She stated that she thought subjecting their baby to waterboarding would compel him to return.

However, McDonald insisted that she had no intentions of causing physical harm or endangering the child’s life through drowning or freezing. Court documents suggest that she acknowledged her actions were inexcusable and motivated by a misguided desire to test her partner’s commitment to their child.

In the aftermath of the incident, police detectives consulted with a pediatrician who reviewed images of the October 2021 events. The pediatrician’s assessment revealed that the baby would not have been able to breathe with water running into his nose, and this horrific act could have resulted in life-threatening complications.

On September 19, Sharday McDonald was sentenced to 30 days in jail on charges of criminal mistreatment, tampering with a witness, and identity theft. According to Multnomah County Detention Center records, she is scheduled to be released on October 6.


This deeply disturbing case serves as a stark reminder of the need to prioritize child safety and well-being above all else and to address issues in a responsible and lawful manner, rather than resorting to harmful and dangerous methods.

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