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Mother left everyone in disbelief after they heard her excuse why she left her baby alone with pit bull only for the dog to chew on the child’s hands and leave her without 5 fingers!

The young mother, later identified as Chloe, was arrested and charged with neglect after leaving her baby daughter with pit bull. The dog reportedly chewed on the baby’s hand when she left her alone, resulting in the girl losing 5 fingers.

Three of the fingers on the girl’s left hand were fully amputated and two fingers on her right hand were partially amputated. The incident left neighbors startled and in disbelief.

The mother reportedly left her 3-month-old baby alone with the dog so she could take a shower. During and interview with investigators, the 21-year-old mom said that she was feeling ill and put the little girl in her bassinet before heading to the bathroom, per reports.

The woman then turned on the shower and turned it back off again when she heard the baby girl scream. Chloe then found the 3-month-old pit bull puppy chewing on the baby’s hands. She wrapped the baby’s hands in cloth and called 911.

When the mother found her baby, she couldn’t look at her baby daughter’s fingers because there was soo much bl00d. ‘You never leave a baby or infant alone with an animal.

You just don’t. Thank God the baby’s still alive,’ neighbor, Kecia said. NBC2 reports the three-month-old puppy that was just brought into the home less than 24 hours earlier after the mother coming across a post for the dog on Facebook.

The mother was charged with child neglect following a four-month-long investigation. Investigators in bringing charges forward said the mother kept changing stories as to why she left the baby alone with the pit bull.

The puppy was quarantined as part of protocol following a bite. The pit bull passed the quarantine and was transferred to the Animal Welfare League.

As the baby recovers with family members, the mother, who posted $7,500 bond, was granted supervised visitation. This incident remains under investigation.

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