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Mother Notices Unusual Odor on Her Daughter – Doctor’s Shocking Discovery Leaves Him Speechless!

Every parent’s worst nightmare is seeing anything happen to their child, but that fear becomes amplified after you take your child to the doctor and she still doesn’t feel better. As Katarina getzevich drove her daughter, on a cruise to the hospital. Countless thoughts were running through her mind. She kept asking herself: why is my daughter having green and red mucus? Why is this terrible hovering around her or what?

If this is a symptom of a terminal disease? You would think because she was a few minutes away from where she would get answers to these questions. She would be able to stop thinking about them, but she couldn’t those three questions have been churning in her mind since last night, when she noticed the horrendous pus fall out of her daughter’s nose. Still, the most important question on her mind is what would happen to my baby. So, as Katarina got to the hospital she said to her daughter, it’s going to be okay, baby.

The doctors would figure out what was wrong and you would be fine in no time, but it wasn’t just her daughter who needed to hear those words she needed reassurance just as much as that. Kirisa does. If you had seen Katharina and her daughter as they made their way through the hallway, you would have noticed the worry and fear written on her face. Although she wouldn’t have noticed you all, she could think about right. Now was whether she should have come here when she first noticed the smell weeks ago when she picked her daughter up from school.


She noticed a rotten smell coming from her, but she didn’t read too much into it: accurate was just 18 months old, so this smell could result from playing with her friends. Katarina believed it could be solved with a bat.

However, the bat did nothing to improve the smell, but the single mom didn’t think it was time to raise any alarms. Just yet. A few days later, the toddler’s nose started to run, and just like most parents would have thought she believed her daughter had simply caught a cold.

Therefore, she got the necessary drugs. However, her little girl’s health only went downhill from there. It’s like she’s, stuck in one of those horror movies in which, no matter what the protagonist does, the situation only gets worse. Katarina and her little girl were having dinner when she saw green mucus coming out of Acurisa’s nose and before they went to bed. She noticed red mucus, dropping out of her nose as well, so after they got to the hammer split hospital.

She explained to the doctor that the problem was with her daughter’s nose. Nonetheless, the doctor associated the illness with a mystery virus and prescribed her antibiotics. Instead, the 30-year-old mother went home with the belief that this ordeal was over. She was reassured her daughter’s health would only improve from here on. She gave her daughter, the antibiotics just like she was asked to, but nothing changed, Katarina thought.


Maybe this was because she hadn’t completed the dosage, but even after completing the course of the antibiotics, ekkirisa’s health didn’t improve either Katharina was more worried than she was earlier. What could be so bad antibiotics couldn’t make any difference? What kind of illness could be disturbing an 18-month-old that the doctors can’t seem to figure out? Her daughter was in pain and she hated feeling helpless about the situation. Therefore, as she draw her daughter to the hospital two weeks after the doctors prescribed the drugs for her little girl, she was frustrated.

Katarina wasn’t just worried. She also felt a bit of anger, creeping in calling it mother’s intuition or anything else. She believed what was wrong with her child had to do with her nose, but doctors didn’t agree with her, and why should they? They are the experts and they know more than she does don’t they still? She couldn’t shake off the feeling that the drugs they were given couldn’t tackle the illness.

Her daughter was suffering from when they got to the hospital. Katarina met two doctors once again, she explained to them and insisted. The problem was with her daughter’s nose. Thankfully, this time she was able to persuade them to check her daughter’s nose, and her hunch paid off the doctor stated they spotted something white up at Kirisa’s nostril, and the concerned mom said I had never smelled anything like that. All my life never and that’s one of the things that made me worried and scared.

I hate to say it, but she smelled like rotten pus. So the doctor got the tweezers and bit by bit. She was ripping it out and said it was a sponge. I just had my hands over my mouth while they pulled it out. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t the last bit she pulled out was one massive chunk of sponge.


Katarina explained that the sponge was covered in pus, and that was what caused the smell which had lasted for weeks. The doctor stated that the pus was also responsible for the mucus. The 30-year-old also said she had looked up her daughter’s nose, but she never saw anything. Whereas, with the use of tweezers a spoon, and a vacuum, the medical team was able to get it out. She also explained she wasn’t sure where the sponge came from and when it got stuck in her little girl’s nose.

Instead, she believes that Karissa must have somehow got the foam stuck up her nose after pulling it from a lining of a toy box. Katarina also stated that she believes the doctors could have done better. The doctors were feeding my children, antibiotics, but all they needed was tweezers to pull out a sponge. I have been not impressed. She said that she wanted other parents to stand up for their children when visiting the hospital, saying I’m not disputing the fact that they know more than we parents do.

I just wanted to publicize this, so other parents are aware to talk to doctors. Some parents are passive and might not stand up for what they think is wrong with their children. Craig Lassen is another parent whose child had something stuck in his nose. When Craig’s son Isaac was just 3 years old, he started having sinus problems. This is a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed.

As a result, the little boy struggled to breathe similar to accurate the doctors prescribed antibiotics when his parents took him to see a doctor. However, nothing changed. The little boy was still fatigued regularly. The headaches never stopped and he still had a distorted sense of smell. Therefore, this began a cycle that lasted for years.


His parents took him to several doctors, but none of them found the solution to the problem, and all of the doctors also had another thing in common. They all told his parents to give him antibiotics Craig said it was frustrating it’s like. We were stuck in a loop that always saw us end up back at a doctor’s office and being prescribed antibiotics. What fascinated me and my wife is that Isaac never had this problem before it was never an issue, and we explained it to the doctor. We saw, and they said these types of problems could happen after a while, but I could tell how difficult it was for my son.

He was going through a hard time and it seemed like it would continue for the rest of his life for three years. Isaac couldn’t breathe properly and they never found a solution to the problem. The boy couldn’t eat properly and used to sleep with his mouth open to help him breathe. After some time his parents took him to another checkup. This time they met a specialist, they explained what the problem was and the doctor asked a surprising question.

He asked him whether he had put anything up his nose. Isaac said I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago. Therefore, the doctor looked up his nose. However, they never found the mystery spaghetti, but they saw another strange, looking object in the boy’s nose after they pulled it out. They realized the object lodged up.

His nostril was a flexible wheel, shaped piece of lego encased in a ball of fungus. Craig said I asked him, dude. How did that even get in there? We think he bent it in half it’s pretty flexible and it opened up once it got into the sinuses. This type of situation just reminds you that you never can predict what children could do.


I just feel bad that it took us three years to figure out what the problem was. The father also stated that he was surprised. The other doctors didn’t think about this solution. You ask yourself: am I a bad parent because I didn’t catch it sooner, but the doctor just kept prescribing antibiotics? We just didn’t know, but while we feel guilty it’s amusing to know, Isaac thinks it’s cool, I’m just happy it’s over.

Now he can eat and breathe. Normally and after some time he’s also regained his energy Craig said. So what do you think about a cruise and Isaac’s stories? See you next time.

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