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Mother-of-four says her husband used to beat her frequently, she then made a life-altering decision that would surpass even her wildest dreams!

In a world where numerous families live in fear due to domestic violence, it is disheartening to witness their struggles. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that some are afraid to leave their abusive relationships and start anew.


However, amidst these challenges, stories of remarkable strength and determination emerge. One such story is that of Cara, a mother of four, who, with limited resources, decided to embark on an extraordinary journey that would change the course of her family’s life forever.

Cara, a survivor of a long-term destructive relationship marked by control and violence, dreamt for years of providing a safer home for her four children. However, the unfortunate mother knew she couldn’t afford a house big enough to accommodate them.

One day, she made a life-altering decision that would surpass even her wildest dreams. Filled with both her fear and her resolve, she took her children and relocated to a small cabin. ”While on our way to a rented cabin for Thanksgiving, we passed by a house destroyed by a tornado. It was a dream home that revealed itself,” recalls Cara in an interview with THV11.


Cara envisioned a better life for herself and her children within those walls. Although she couldn’t afford to purchase a house, she believed that with a little help, she could build one.

Determined to make a change, Cara decided to construct her 3,500 square foot house from the ground up, ensuring each of her children had their own room. With no prior construction experience, Cara and her children turned to YouTube tutorials and sought guidance from local craftsmen.

With the support of friends and loved ones, they embarked on the daunting task of building their dream home. Their incredible journey and triumph against adversity caught the attention and admiration of people all over the world. Their story serves as a testament to the power of resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering determination.

Cara’s story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with unwavering determination, the human spirit can overcome even the most challenging circumstances. Their remarkable achievement not only transformed their lives but also inspired countless others around the globe.


She gained global attention in over 75 nations, catching the interest of people worldwide with over two billion views to her story. With a collection of eight books to her name, one of them being “Rise: How a House Built a Family,” she skillfully recounts the tremendous challenges she faced while reuniting her family. Her story showcases a remarkable journey of personal growth and resilience.

Today, Cara’s story stands as a testament to the resilience of survivors and a reminder that no matter how dire the situation, there is always hope for a brighter future. Perhaps, Cara and her children’s remarkable journey is best told in their own words.

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