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Mother Prevents A Passenger From Reclining Her Seat During A 7-hour Flight: A Controversy Breaks Out

When flying, one always looks for the least expensive or most comfortable option. According to one woman, she purchased an aisle seat with more legroom on the plane so she could recline her seat. The woman needed to be able to unwind a little because she had back issues, especially when the flight in question was at least seven hours long.


Despite having paid more, the woman was unable to recline the seat because a mother was seated behind her and was holding a very large child. What should one do under these circumstances? On social media, the woman requested feedback from her fans (Mumsnet).

The woman, referring to the incident that occurred a few years previously, said, “The flight lasted about seven hours. She continued, “I paid extra for the aisle seat in economy because I had back problems. I paid a lot more for that seat – it’s something I usually try to do because I have back problems and it helps me a lot.” The passenger behind her was holding a fairly grown-up child in her arms, and the child’s father was seated next to her. She initially ignored the youngster’s presence until realizing that the child was blocking her from reclining her seat as far as she would have liked.

“I was unable to recline my seat as a result for the remainder of the journey. At one time (and before I noticed the child), I attempted to gently recline the seat, but the woman yelled at me and I had to return it to its upright posture “the woman continued.


How unfair do you think it is for a customer with back difficulties to recline their seat during a seven-hour flight and after paying extra? In fact, a lot of customers expressed that they do not feel very comfortable when the passenger in front of them reclines their seat: “In my opinion, reclining the seat is inappropriate unless it is nighttime, and I would never do it. But I respect people who have different opinions “.

Others, though, made an effort to propose different solutions: “The youngster might have sat on his father’s lap. Or, if the woman really desired the extra room, she should have purchased a different seat.”

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