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Mother sold her dead baby’s crib – a week later the buyer came back and asked her to look at the car

Valerie Watts experienced something no parent should experience. She was nine months pregnant and had a few days left before giving birth, when she received the tragic news that the baby in her womb had died.


It was impossible to describe the woman’s sadness and grief. And what broke our hearts even more was that she was left with a children’s room with a crib, toys, and baby clothes – but no baby.

It took Valerie a while, but eventually she decided to sell the crib at a garage sale – but she wasn’t prepared for what happened after the crib was sold.

Now this lovely story is spreading online like wildfire and for all the right reasons.


“I knew it all week. He hardly moved. I was very stressed”.

Those are the words Valerie Watts said when she talked about the week before her son, Noah, became stillborn.

After the traumatic experience of giving birth to a stillborn baby, Valerie couldn’t bring herself to sell Noah’s things or touch the baby room she had made for him. She was so broke that she left the room as
it was for a year.

But a year later, she thought she had enough strength to organize a garage sale and sell Noah’s belongings. It was a difficult decision and she forced herself to sell several items – especially the crib,
to which she was most attached. She was sure it would be the last thing anyone would want to buy.


But to her surprise, an older man named Gerald was interested in the crib. Gerald restores old furniture in his spare time and thought he could use a crib. He insisted on buying the crib, but sensed that
Valerie wasn’t sure she wanted to sell it.

“She hesitated, I knew maybe she didn’t want to sell it. But she sold it anyway..”, Gerald said

Gerald was unaware of the real reason behind the garage sale. He saw that Valerie was selling baby clothes and assumed that her child had grown up and that there were things she no longer needed.

Gerald didn’t know that his wife, who was also at the garage sale, had spoken to Valerie beforehand and asked her how old her child was. Valerie told her that her son had passed away and it broke the woman’s


Gerald put the crib in the car and he and his wife went back home. On their way home, his wife told him Valerie’s story. They understood what the crib meant to Valerie and why she was hesitant to sell it to
them. They decided they needed to return the crib to her.

But Gerald thought it would hurt Valerie if he returned the cradle to her in its entirety – in cradle form, so he decided to turn it into a beautiful chair as a memorial to Noah.

A week later, Gerald returned to Valerie’s house with a gift. The unused crib has now become a beautiful chair that will be in her home and will be a memory for Noah.

Valerie was left in tears by the amazing and moving gesture of this man she does not know at all.


“It’s amazing, and there are good people out there, that’s the proof”, she said.

Watch the full story in the video:

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