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Mother started taking pictures of her twins in the hospital, then noticed an unexpected detail and immediately froze

Twins are amazing. They often have such a deep connection that they can communicate with each other without saying a word. And when they do speak, they sometimes have their own secret language.

Before they were born, these twins never left each other, apparently. But as soon as they were born and doctors examined them, for the first time (albeit for a short time) they were not next to each other.

So when they were reunited, these sweet twins had a lot to talk about.

Luckily, their mom had a camera and she recorded this amazing moment. It’s so sweet, funny and shows that these cuties are already the best friends in the world!

Watch the lovely video below – and don’t forget to share it!

Think babies have a secret language they use to communicate with each other? We weren’t sure, but these twins sure seem to understand each other!

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