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Mother told them to ‘Get in bed’ – but the twins’ hilarious reaction surprised even her

Twins are amazing. They usually have such a strong bond that they can communicate with each other without saying a word. And when they do, they sometimes have their own secret language.


As parents, the meaning of twins is twofold! Double the fun adventures, double the mess, and double the frustrating moments..

One of the most frustrating moments with small children is bedtime.

So when a mother asked her twin sons to get ready for bed, she did not expect it to be a simple procedure.


What they did in response.. shattered all her expectations ..

Instead of crying and screaming when they hear the word ‘sleep time’, the twins deal with it like professionals and run straight to the bedroom.

Now their funny and charming routine fascinates parents all over the world.

“I shot this video for my family who lived far away, so they could see the kids grow up and become athletic at such a young age”, the mother explained in a description of the video. “We never taught them to do it. One day I told Zack
and Chris, identical twins, to go to bed and they did it! They just ran to bed and jumped in”.


All she did was say the magic words and asked them to get into bed and they did it.. Imagine! And it was not a one-time thing..

“I was in shock, and now they do it on a regular basis”.

“It’s their favorite part of the day, when they do ‘parkour’ into their bed together and see who managed to get in first”, she explained.


We don’t know what you did that you ‘deserve’ putting your babies to sleep so easily, but you probably did something right. This video is so cute!

Maybe she can come teach my kids to do the same?

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