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Mother took her 15-month-old son to the hospital because he had a limp, ‘but doctors revealed the terrifying truth’!

The unfortunate mother, Georgia, reportedly said that she took her baby son Bobby to the hospital because she thought the child had a sore leg. But, the doctors revealed the stunning truth.


The mother told The Mirror that she took the 15-month-old baby to the hospital when she noticed he was dragging himself across the floor and had a limp.

The doctors and hospital staff initially believed that the boy had a fracture and Bobby was sent home in a cast. But the pain continued and the mother returned to the hospital demanding tests be carried out.

When the boy and the mother were then sent to the Children’s Hospital, doctors found a tumour on the youngster’s pelvis which had grown through his spinal chord and caused nerve damage, The Mirror reports. The young child was then put onto a chemotherapy course which showed signs of hope. Bobby was then able to stand up by himself and walk. Unfortunately, just 11 months after his diagnosis, the limp returned and a scan confirmed the tumour had returned.


Despite being put on chemotherapy again, it didn’t work and he was left in agony before he passed away. The unfortunate mother spoke about the devastating ordeal: “It was absolutely awful.

I knew when I was in that hospital room, I had to have positive vibes around me and be positive for Bobby. But there was a time I had to go to the bathroom and ask a nurse to stand with him because I knew if he had seen me upset and crying like that, he would have known there was something wrong. I tried to be strong for him.”

Bobby’s cancer, called rhabdomyosarcoma, is a type of sarcoma cancer that affects the muscles attached to the bone.

After the boy’s passing it was revealed he had a rare genetic condition which can increase the chances of getting a tumour. Georgia doesn’t want any other parent to go through what she had to and she is now set to do a 10k charity run later this year for the oncology ward at the Children’s Hospital which helped care for Bobby.

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