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Mother’s belly never stopped growing, ‘then doctors panicked and asked her to sacrifice her baby’!

Chloe and her husband Rohan had three wonderful boys, but they really wanted a girl. They decided to try to have one more child, and soon Chloe was pregnant again, to their great joy.


A few weeks later, Chloe went for a routine checkup to make sure her pregnancy was going well. And that was when she heard the shocking news.

She wasn’t just having a fourth child—she was having her fifth and sixth, as well! Chloe was pregnant with triplets. Chloe and Rohan started planning for their future and preparing their home for the triplets’ arrival.

And when Chloe was in her 28th week, she went in for another checkup—one that left her with another shock.


Chloe was going to have two boys and a girl, and up to then, everything had been going according to plan. But doctors soon forced Chloe to make a decision that no mother should ever have to make. It turned out that while the two boys were developing on schedule, the girl was underdeveloped—and the situation became increasingly serious with each passing day. Chloe’s doctors explained that the girl would probably die unless she had surgery. The procedure, however, would put the boys at risk.

Chloe had to decide if she wanted to have surgery and risk the health of all three babies, or likely sacrifice her daughter’s life to ensure that her sons were born healthy. Chloe knew that she had to make a tough decision. “I could barely listen to any of that…

My mind was on a one-way track of ‘I want ALL of my babies’, I did briefly consider the alternative, I did a lot of research and tried to get a feel for what they were in for. I knew it would be tough but I just couldn’t give up on her.. I knew she was strong because she made it all the way to 28 weeks, when she was barely getting any nutrients in the womb,” Chloe wrote on Facebook.

Though it was a difficult decision, Chloe finally decided to give all three of the triplets a chance. It was a decision that she sometimes felt was right and sometimes second-guessed. As soon as Chloe gave birth, the triplets were placed in intensive care. And with each passing day, the triplets grew stronger. Pearl, the female triplet, was tiny when she was born. But she fought the good fight.


“My three babies, they all made it, and not only that but they’re all very healthy as far as we can tell,” says Chloe. Chloe and her family were beyond happy that everything turned out well. “I guess I just wanted to say that I’m so very happy and grateful for how everything has worked out. I couldn’t imagine life without her and I’m so proud of all three of them. I can’t wait to watch them grow,” says Chloe.

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