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Mother’s reaction after seeing what’s under the blanket leaves everyone without words’!

Welcoming a newborn is a beautiful thing. Still, deliveries can be quite exhausting, both emotionally and physically.

Lauren, the protagonist of our story, gave an extraordinary effort to deliver her daughter.

Throughout the whole process, Chad, who is her boyfriend and father of the child, was there to support her. By the time the newborn was delivered, Lauren was extremely drained yet happy that they just became parents.


When little Everly was only a day old, she was given a small, but important mission. On behalf of her father, Chad, Everly was tasked with delivering a very special message to her mother, Lauren.

Chad wrote the message on Everly’s onesie and concocted a plan so that at just the right moment, Lauren would see it and get the surprise of her life.

The message was one that Chad had been planning to give Lauren for a while, but he hadn’t figured out how to convey it. Then, with the help of Lauren’s cousin, Chad came up with the brilliant, creative idea that you’re about to see. Only 24 hours after Everly entered this world, she delivered the surprise message.

Both Chad and Lauren’s families were in the hospital room to witness the event and everyone, including the nurses, were in on the surprise. So how it did it all play out?


Lauren’s aunt innocently asked Lauren to pose with her new baby. Then, as Chad said, “Lauren started unwrapping the blanket to change her and the rest is history.”

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