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Mounting Signs Pointing to the Doomed Fate of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Marriage

In the glamorous world of royalty, where every move and gesture is under intense scrutiny, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, find themselves at the center of attention once again.

This time, the spotlight was on their recent appearance at the World Mental Health Day event in New York City, where they were hosting the inaugural Artwell Foundation Parents Summit, focusing on mental wellness in the digital age.

However, it appears that the audience had their own preferences, and those preferences leaned more toward Prince Harry. Royal commentator and biographer Angela Levan candidly expressed the sentiments of the crowd.

She noted that the attendees seemed more enamored with Prince Harry and suggested that Meghan might be seeking excessive attention, overshadowing her husband. It’s clear that their relationship dynamics are under scrutiny.

One article in OK! Magazine discusses Harry’s house-hunting efforts in the UK, highlighting the fact that he’s seeking a new place despite Meghan’s reservations. A source mentioned a divide between the couple on this issue. Harry seems determined to reconnect with his British roots, as he is reportedly interested in acquiring a property near London. However, Tina Brown has previously stated that Meghan is unlikely to agree to such a move, as she finds England “cold and boring.”

This latest news seems to point to a growing divide between the couple. Their lives appear to be taking separate paths, with Harry showing an interest in reconnecting with the UK, while Meghan seems more focused on her career in Hollywood. The body language experts have also noted a change in their public displays of affection, as they have become less openly passionate and affectionate toward each other.

These developments raise questions about the future of Meghan and Harry’s marriage. Are they growing apart? Is there an external influence affecting their relationship? These signs may suggest that they are moving towards irreconcilable differences and an eventual separation.

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