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“My Skin is Burning a Little Bit” – RAV Reporter Tells War Room Her Skin Is Burning in East Palestine Rain

Real America’s Voice sent reporters to East Palestine, Ohio on Wednesday for President Trump’s visit to the Ohio town.


Earlier this month officials set off a toxic chemical mushroom cloud explosion in the town after a railroad derailment in the town center.

East Palestine toxic chemical mushroom cloud and Norfolk Souther CEO Alan Shaw

On Wednesday afternoon Steve Bannon interviewed RAV’s Savannah Hernandez.


Savannah told Steve her skin was burning a little bit in the rain today in East Palestine.

Savannah Hernandez: I was mentioning to you earlier as well, in the break, that it’s raining here today. And my skin has actually been burning because of what I would assume are the chemicals. As you look at the ground, you’ll see in the gutter again that chemical sheen as the water is running down.

Via The War Room:

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