Naomi on interview with BBC advice student after receiving special honor from University

Naomi Campbell received special honor from The University of the Creative Arts.

During their graduation ceremony, she told the graduating class that “Never let anyone change the way you feel, change the course of what you and your vision and what you want for yourself.”

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After the graduation ceremony, Naomi sat down for an interview with BBC and offered some advice to students at the university, and said,

“You have to trust your gut. You have to because you actually do know what it is that’s for you, but of course, you need to be, you need confirmation from other people, but deep down you know.”

She also touched on holding the fashion industry accountable when it comes to inclusivity and added,

“I don’t want to hear anymore saying, I want to see the action. Because I am clear I know the ones that do the action and I know the ones that just say it and say it because they don’t want to get in trouble, I’m clear about who they are.”

Watch Interview Below:

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