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National Dog Day: Do you want your dog happy, healthy? Try these 5 Sure tips

Today August 26th is National Dog Day, a special day to celebrate your pet. There’s never a bad day to celebrate your pet, but today gives dog owners an extra special reason to pamper their pups.

National Dog Day is a wonderful occasion to show your pups some extra love,” Mark Eamer, chief marketing officer at Chewy, told “Good Morning America.”

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5 Best tips to keep your dog happy, healthy and spoiled this National Dog Day

Tip 1: Make sure nutrition and exercise are a priority

“Summer will soon come to an end, resulting in more walks after dark. Petco has a new line of night safety products to help keep your dog visible and safe on evening walks.”

Tip 2: Nurture your dogs mental health

“Pet parents can help ensure their dogs have joyful, enriching lives free from boredom and anxiety by prioritizing their mental health.”

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Tip 3: Plan for play and socialization

“It’s important to strengthen your pup’s social health so he or she feels confident and comfortable around other animals, humans and within their environment. Positive reinforcement-based training can help promote brain development, nurture the pet-pet parent bond from the start and contribute to pets’ overall wellbeing.”

Tip 4: Foster a safe and stimulating home environment

“Every dog should have a dedicated space where they feel safe, secure and loved, filled with a bed, blanket, bowl and toys. To care for your dog’s home health, I recommend making your dog’s crate a positive experience and a cozy retreat where they can relax and recharge.”

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Tip 5: Keep up with essential routine care

“Your pet should never have to go without the things they need to stay happy and healthy.”

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