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Navy detected sound ‘consistent with implosion’ hours into doomed sub’s journey


The implosion of the Titanic submarine may have occurred within hours after it started its journey into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean Sunday.

U.S. Navy officials revealed that the military detected “an acoustic anomaly consistent with an implosion” shortly after Titan lost contact with the surface.

On Thursday, Coast Guard Rear Adm. John Mauger announced that after days of search, a debris field was located on the sea floor just 16,000 feet from the Titanic adding that evidence suggested the vessel sustained a “catastrophic implosion.”


Marine Tech Society Submarine Committee Chairman Will Kohnen explained that an implosion happens when objects are under significant pressure and that when undersea, an implosion happens “in a fraction of a second.”

“It implodes inwards in a matter of a thousandth of a second. And it’s probably a mercy because that was probably a kinder end than the unbelievably difficult situation of being four days in a cold, dark, and confined space,” the expert said.

“So this would have happened very quickly. I don’t think anybody even had the time to realize what happened.”

Kohnen added that an implosion would have happened “fairly early on” into the sub’s journey: “On the way down, early in the dive.”


But for him, there is a puzzling detail about the incident: How all tracking and communication systems were lost so suddenly, and too soon into the venture.

“It’s all acoustic, but you have a system for voice, you have a system for a text…range finding…sonar, and it’s based so that you have backup so that not everything fails at the same time all of a sudden,” Kohnen said.

“…It was curious that all the systems stopped at the same time.”

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