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Never drink water that has been sitting overnight on your bedside table. Here’s the reason why

Many people have a habit of drinking water in the morning, as soon as they wake up. Your parents probably told you it was healthy.

If you have this habit, then you must have noticed that in the morning the water has a strange taste.

Plain water from the fridge is fine, but water that has been sitting on your bedside table all night will have a strange taste. And here is the reason why.

Large amounts of dust and bacteria accumulate on your water glass that sat by the bed during the night. When water is drawn into the air, it absorbs carbon dioxide and a small part of the CO2 is converted to
carbonic acid, which means that the water is exposed to the change in the chemical composition of the air.

So when carbonic acid releases one or two protons that become carbonate or bicarbonate, it lowers the pH level of the water and changes its taste.

The water is not bad, but its taste changed after it stood all night on the dresser and collected bacteria and dust from the air.

So the next time you feel like taking a sip right when you wake up in the morning, think twice.

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