New song: Lil Baby – Detox

Lil Baby is as hot as it gets, he gets personal on this new song.

Lil Baby – Detox music mp3 download

Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed biographical documentary, Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, the Atlanta rapper is back to the music with the release of “Detox.” On the Nick Papz produced track, Baby

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2022 saw the Quality Control star catapult from regular rapper to rockstar status. On Wednesday he met up with Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams, just days after winning $1 million at the casino and blessing his friend with $10K each. After his big win, the 4PF leader let it be known that although he wins big, it doesn’t mean he’s spending big. “They know I won $ but what they don’t know is I ain’t out here balling I’m investing,” he tweeted. While working on his solo music, Lil Baby also found time to link with DJ Khaled and Drake for Khaled’s “Staying Alive,” which debuted at number one on the charts.

Check out the latest from Lil Baby below.
Quotable Lyrics
I made a finsta and hit my h*** up
They don’t know what I’m on, I’m on one
It ain’t ’bout right now, it’s the long run
I been actin’ way too humble

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