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Nurses got fired immediately after ‘stunning video showed what they did to a newborn’s face’!

As all parents know by now, nurses are responsible for the daily care of your baby. They will feed, change, and bathe your baby. They will also give medicines and keep track of vital signs – like temperature, breathing, and heart rate); and monitor medical equipment.


But, unfortunately, sometimes they forget what’s their job description. Per reports. a group of nurses reportedly recorded themselves doing the unthinkable a newborn’s face fired after video infuriates public.

The group of nurses who recorded themselves chuckling while cruelly crushing the face of a hospitalized newborn have actually been fired after their video was flowed online.

The baby’s household discovered the worrying treatment their kid had actually gotten at the hands of these nurses after the video was shared on social networks. In the stunning video, a nurse can be seen consistently getting the baby by the neck and forehead, and inhumanely crushing the child’s face, while the onlooking nurses chuckled.


The 3 nurses, who were operating at a maternity ward were rapidly determined and found. The Health Affairs examined the source of the video and had the ability to determine the nurses who appeared in the video and the medical facility where the event occurred,’ stated representative Abdulhadi. After being determined, the nurses were quickly suspended from their positions at the maternity medical facility. They have because had their medical licenses withdrawed and have actually been prohibited from practicing nursing in other health departments.

The newborn’s daddy notified media his child had actually remained in the health center for 10 days for treatment of a urinary system infection and was horrified after seeing the video commonly flowed on social networks platforms. He has actually required the nurses, in addition to those who distributed the upsetting video, to be penalized. Some have actually recommended that CCTV needs to be set up throughout the healthcare facility to assist in avoiding the incident of a comparable occasion.

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