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NYC teen dead, another critical after falling off train into rail bed


Two 14-year-olds were found unconscious on the rail track of a Brooklyn subway station in what authorities said was a “subway surfing” accident.

The teens fell off the top of an L train near the Bushwick-Aberdeen station just before 2 p.m.

“Both of them had serious trauma to their bodies, and tragically one was pronounced deceased on scene,” NYPD transit chief Michael Kemper said.


The surviving teen is listed “in very serious condition with serious trauma to his body,” Kemper added.

Investigators believe the boys climbed to the roof of the Manhattan-bound train at the Broadway Junction station that runs above ground.

The incident occurred a stop away from that station when the train went underground.

“It was as the train was entering the tunnel that we believe they made contact knocking them off the top of the train,” the official said.


“This incident is tragic on so many levels. We urged anyone even thinking of subway surfing – don’t do it.”

Mayor Adams was at the scene of the accident on Thursday where he addressed youths about the deadly stunt.

“Subway surfing kills. It kills. You go online right now, put ‘New York City subway surfing’ – you will see some of what our young people are watching,” Adams said.

“Every family member that lost a loved one to train surfing is reliving the horror today with another child who’s lost. We can do better and social media must play a role in addressing this issue.”

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