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Officer Breaks Into Hot Car To Rescue Baby, Quickly Realizes His Mistake

Most of us are aware of leaving children and pets alone in cars on hot days.

Temperatures can skyrocket to dangerous temperatures quickly in a vehicle, causing heat stroke and even death in severe cases.

That’s why when Lt. Jason Short was called in to investigate a report of a baby being left alone in a locked car at a Wal-Mark parking lot, he had every reason to believe that the baby was in danger.

realistic baby dolls

Image Credit: Sentinel Source

He could see the little feet of the baby sticking out from underneath a blanket and immediately decided to break into the car to save the child.

The baby was unmoving and did not seem to be breathing, so Short breathed into its mouth to perform CPR and called for an ambulance.

But that’s when he realized something – the baby wasn’t real, but an extremely lifelike doll.

realistic baby dolls

Image Credit: Sentinel Source

Carolynne Seiffert, the owner of the car, purchased the doll as it was designed to resemble a real human baby as closely as possible.

The doll is known as a “reborn” doll, and Seiffert owns quite a few of them.

This particular doll sold for $2,300 and even felt like a real baby when touched and carried.

realistic baby dolls

Image Credit: Sentinel Source

What a shocking twist to what seemed to be leading up to a tragic story!

Seiffert now vows to put up a sign on the car that indicates that the dolls are not real.

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