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Officers Grow Suspicious When Mum Poses This One Particular Query Soon After The Baby’s Passing!

Per reports, the 42-year-old mother, Stefanie, experienced a tragedy, but detectives are suspicious this may be another scandal the mother has gotten herself into.

The mom drove her 2-month-old son Leo to the hospital and within 40 minutes, the baby was dead.

Investigators found her behavior and history suspicious, so they issued a search warrant on the blue minivan that the mother used to bring her son to the hospital.


Investigators said that within 20 minutes of hearing that her son died, the mother asked how soon death benefits would be paid to her. Documents also mention that doctors recall her being unusually upset after she heard that an autopsy would be performed on her son.

The mother was later charged with eight counts of embezzlement. The total amount stolen was $1.3 million. The mother allegedly stole the money from the property management company of which she was vice president.

Her accusers say the money was stolen to fund her shopping addiction and her husband’s business. Investigators said that she would forge checks and log fake invoices and had been doing so since 2009.

Court documents reveal that her pending embezzlement case is what makes the death of her son and her reactions so suspicious. So far, no charges have been filed concerning Leo’s death and the autopsy has not yet been completed.

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