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Organize your house with Elisa Hawkinson’s easy tips

Organizing your home and setting regular goals can save you time and money, according to Elisa Hawkinson, a professional home organizer and author based in Washington state.


Hawkinson, founder of How2GetOrganized and author of Calming Your Chaos, suggests homeowners ask themselves if their home is in a “30-day marketable state”. If the answer is no, Hawkinson says it could take months to get it to that point.

Hawkinson discovered the importance of the 30-day rule after helping his brother with a hoarding situation that had been in place for over 40 years. It took 21 days and 245 labor hours to clean the house.

To start organizing your furniture, Hawkinson suggests setting up some organizing areas in your home or garage, including one for donations. He recommends choosing a thrift store with a mission that fits your heart to make it easier to let go of things.


When planning a move, Hawkinson suggests knowing the size of your next home and keeping that in mind when downsizing. By following Hawkinson’s tips, you can save time and money and have a home that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Declutter your home and save time and money with Washington-based professional organizer Elisa Hawkinson

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