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Parents forced their 5-year-old daughter and son into marriage ‘because they believed the children were this’!

Children are not only one of the most significant people in our lives but also one of the most complicated beings we will ever meet. I really believe that all parents would agree.


As their parents, it is our responsibility to instruct them in the ways of the world and to get them ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

It can be challenging at times due to the fact that children do not always respond well to criticism or discipline, but if you are firm enough with your words and actions, then you will manage to get through this parenting thing without any problems at all!

But, some people don’t deserve to be parents. Per reports, 5-year-old brother Moosika was married to his sister Rinrada because their parents believe they were lovers in a previous life.


It goes without saying that the little kids would hardly have understood the full extent of what a union like this entails, and while the parents clearly are, they didn’t seem to care, all because of a superstitious belief.

According to the family’s Buddhist beliefs, the boy and girl were in a romantic relationship in their past life but did not have the chance to get married then, and this led to them being born in the same womb as twins, in this life. Moreover, the parents believe that unless the kids get married to each other, they will not have a healthy life because of the “karma” from their past life.

“I feel so lucky to have twins but I’m concerned that there is something following them from their previous lives. Our belief is that they should be married in order to clear that karma,” said the 30-year-old mother from Thailand, Rewadee, according to the Daily Mail.

Friends and family joined in for the fun and frolic as the brother and sister were married to each other. Guests watched the parades, grooved to the festive music, and danced their time away as the children were forced into tying the knot without fully understanding what it meant.

If the twins hadn’t gotten married, their parents believe they would have fallen sick. The only way to avoid what they believed to be inevitable was to unite them in holy matrimony.


“We believe that if your children were born twins who have a different gender, they must be married or else one of them will fall ill later in their lives,” said the twins’ 31-year-old father Weerasak.

Although the marriage has no validity in the eyes of the law, not to mention that fraternal twins around the world grow up to be healthy and lead normal lives like everyone else, the parents say that it was done for the ceremonial value so that the children grow up with good health.

“We are only doing this to make sure our children are safe. We do not want them to be sick and there is nothing to lose if we follow this belief,” said the father.

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