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Parents Gifted with Rare Black-And-White Twins Get the Same Blessing 7 Years Later

The world is full of amazing and beautiful things, some of which are hard to comprehend because they are so startling and surreal. This beauty can occasionally take the form of a person, in this example, a pair of twins. And not just the usual sort, but two sets! But there is something extraordinarily unique about these kids.


Because both sets of twins were born seven years apart and are black and white, Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant can be proud parents to two sets of twins. As a result, their family is the first one in history to experience this.

The father, Dean, is a West Indian. Both his hair and skin color are dark. Alison, his companion, has red hair, blue eyes, and white complexion. Their first set of twin girls were due in 2001, and they planned to have mixed-race kids. Instead, one child, Lauren, was born with her mother’s red hair and blue eyes, as well as light complexion. Hayleigh, one of her twin sisters, resembled Dean.

Although they are uncommon, twins born with varied skin tones are not a new phenomenon. Geneticists have said that the likelihood of multiracial twin births is roughly 1 in 500,000.


The fact that the same event occurred again when the couple had twins in 2009, however, just serves to highlight how unique this family is. As you may expect, the couple was shocked to have experienced this amazing incident yet again.

The elder girls talked about growing up as bi-racial twins when they were 18 years old. Of course, people don’t really think they are who they claim to be. The girls claim that when people learn, they are startled.

Younger pictures of the girls from APTN

Some folks have a nasty habit. You’re lying, you’re not twins, so show it, they’ll say. Thus, we will either reel off the same address or take out our passports. It’s enjoyable to observe people’s expressions of shock. It was challenging when we attended college because there were numerous groupings of Asian, white, and black kids.


I said, “This is my white twin sister,” when the black group tried to integrate me.

“Nobody was able to believe it. People stare at us as though it were a miracle. We are twins, and I’m still in awe of it.

This family is literally the only one in the world with two sets of bi-racial twins because the two younger girls are identical to the older ones.

Even non-identical twins are uncommon, she said. Non-identical twins with mixed-race parents are even less common. It is much less frequent for two fertilized eggs to hatch with different colors. Therefore, for it to occur twice, it must be one in a million.


Dr. Sarah Jarvis of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the United Kingdom

Unlike their older siblings, the two younger daughters have aged to look more identical.

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