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Passengers left shocked after woman is seen NAKED from waist down in line for flight

A woman who appeared to be completely naked from the waist down left fellow passengers stunned as she waited at the Spirit Airlines line at a Florida airport.

A viral video shows the seemingly oblivious woman standing in line wearing an orange halter neck dress that appears to have ridden up, exposing her backside.

The woman has a hand placed atop her luggage as she stares straight ahead.

‘When you pack extra light’

The clip appears to have been shot at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport by the Spirit Airlines counter in Terminal 4 and was simply captioned: ‘When you pack extra light.’

It was uploaded to the PublicFreakout Reddit community – which is ‘dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public’ – on Thursday.

‘Only in the f*****g airport, Spirit Airlines,’ the camerawoman says.

‘This b***h half-naked. Motherf**k, what is this going on in 2023.’

She continues: ‘Lord give me strength, I say no drawers, no f*****g drawers y’all, what is this, no drawers.

‘This ain’t right’

‘I wonder if Spirit gonna let this happen today,’ she says, directing her tirade at the airline. ‘Spirit, you gonna let this happen?

‘This ain’t right.’

Cackling, she continues to film the offending stranger as the woman moves up in line and out of sight, obscured by man behind her – who is too distracted by his phone to notice.

It is unclear when the video was filmed or what flight the woman was getting on. All that can be inferred is time of day, as sunlight filters down through the skylight overhead.

People in the comments had plenty to say. ‘A person who thinks its OK to do this on a public plane is mentally unstable. And mentally unstable people shouldn’t be allowed on a plane,’ one person remarked.

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